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Pocket ashtray – to preserve our environment! The initiative developed in collaboration with CIPRET.

The cigarette butts that are often considered as a waste without importance, have become one of the most frequently littered item in the streets.

To raise adult smokers’ awareness of cigarette butts’ impact on environment and facilitate their disposal, CIPRET had developed pocket ashtrays.

The pocket ashtray is one of many concrete developed solutions that allow economy of resources and contribute to preservation of our city cleanness and beauty.

Get your free pocket ashtray and make a small gesture for our city that we all love!

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Ma Ville Jardin is collaborating with the EDD on the project “NE MEGOTTS PAS!

Influence on the Flora & Fauna

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Do you know that cigarette butts can be recycled?

Learn more about how cigarette butts can have a second life.

Ae Turning Cigarette Butts Into Park Benches | National Geographic 2:44

Cigarette butts are one of the most common kinds of litter, found everywhere from land to waterways. The tobacco and paper in them will break down, so those can be composted. But the filters contain a plastic, and that can take years to decompose.

TerraCycle Recycles Cigarette Butts into Industrial Uses 1:54

TerraCycle’s Cigarette Recycling program takes used Cigarette butts and turns them into products for industrial use like plastic lumber. In this video you get to see the process of Cigarette recycling.

Young Indian Innovators are Recycling Cigarette Butts into Manure 2:14

Discarded cigarette butts are a major environmental hazard. Two entrepreneurs in India have come up with a way to turn the litter into good use.