Notwithstanding a villain’s name that was bestowed upon me at birth, I considered myself to be a somewhat docile and quite reasonable feline.
As any other of my race, I enjoy some philosophical reflexions followed by extensive cosy siestas; prefer milk to water and treat with disdain the eternal enemy-The Dog, be it in any size, shape and sound.


Don’t be alarmed when you cross my pass, I have a sweet disposition compensated by the name given to me by my third owner, long after the first two gave up all hope in hideous exercise they called “teaching a dog new tricks”.
After many failed attempts to shape me into a domesticated being (something of that resembling to a staffed toy), my first papa judged me incorrigible and “forgot” me in the park.
I believe it was his own doing, as what a self-respecting dog of my stature and immense courage would ever answer to a name “Fluffy”, pray?
My second-maman was quite an eccentric, often mistaking me for her Barbie and dressing me in ridicules little costumes thus making it impossible for me to show myself in the courtyard without being mocked.
The woman had a very vivid imagination and came up with the name Basil-a horrifying experience…she gave up on me after she found an umpteenth “cute outfit” torn apart by “Her Basil”.
I had my share fair share of drama until I found my present owner and a good friend -a young and sporty millennial, who gets me completely and lets me live my life.


Like my owner, whom I met when I was just a puppy, I believe we can all get along just fine if we show some consideration and respect to each other. Actually, we are very much alike me and my maman: she likes cooking and I like tasting, she prefers row vegetables and I –meat, any kind, she likes to sleep in and I-my early morning walk in the rain and the snow. We both love our beautiful city and we like discovering new parks and sidewalks together.

Furry City Dweller 1

This Tuesday, the 30th of July, we decided to do some sightseeing that very quickly turned into a Dog poopseeing:
a huge one left just in front of the Chapel Saint-Léger, then another one – by Bourg-de-Four fountain and another by Saint-Pierre… one supposes, placed by delicate furry creatures that can only shit next to city’s main attractions…sooo embarrassing

Furry Moraliste

A well-mannered dog reflects a well-mannered master! Just saying…

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