2020 Program "Let's chase incivility out of our City!"

Eco-Sports Actions: Plogging and Walking Against Waste

The Great Spring Clean
Sunday 29 March at 10:00-14:00
La Plaine de Plainpalais
3rd Edition Walk The Talk
Sunday 17 May
La Place des Nations
Clean with Our Neighbors and Colleagues
Friday 29 May
La Plaine de Plainpalais
4th National Clean-Up Day
Friday 11 - Saturday 12 September
La Promenade des Bastions
43rd Edition of the Climbing Race
Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 December
La Promenade des Bastions
Plogging and walking against garbage – this is an ideal option for eco-citizens who want to help protect the environment. It’s also a good way to motivate beginners to race. Frequent stops allow you to breathe and work on your endurance gently.
Plogging has many health benefits, alternating between running and walking, we engage in a real fractional training, beneficial for muscle building, mental and also cardio. Bending down by bending your knees or bending forward also allows runners to work muscles other than those used during the race.
Running or walking and picking up in a group allows you to get motivated, the social element is very important, and sorting / recycling at the end of the session everything you have picked up on the course offers a visible and more concrete result than just jogging.
Taking into account today’s busy life, eco-sports activities offer everyone the opportunity to take care of their health and well-being in a chosen time, alone or with friends.
Note: Activities will take place no matter the weather conditions, the participants are required to equip themselves according to the weather conditions as well as the proposed activity.