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A joint commitment to a clean Geneva


Project of Revegetation of the City


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The initiative developed in collaboration with CIPRET


We are a Global Non-Profit Association that has for a mission to incite a general eco-friendly & responsable attitude, contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.

We act to keep our city green and clean!


Incite eco-friendly attitude

We promote ecologically and socially sustainable lifestyle as cleanliness is not simply a result of hygiene and sanitation requirements, but also an important aspect of daily life.

Increase awareness of individuals

By introducing citizens, businesses and administrations to the
importance of urban cleanliness and the waste recycling issues.

Organize collective actions

We take part and organize multiple national and international actions to encourage increasing participation of residents of our city.

Message from our Representative

Citizens of Geneva, and you who live here and who love Geneva, you have been so many to respond to our initiatives that we are launching a second call to you today.
Without you we can do nothing! With you, everything becomes possible!
Geneva is our city: we have our home, our work, our hobbies and our children go to school and are trained there. However, this city which is ours, we have the duty and the responsibility to preserve it, to make it prosper and of course to beautify it. So, let’s get out of our house and get together for positive, constructive and beautiful actions; eco sports actions, such as plogging and walking against waste. To make our everyday life something else, something more beautiful and more pleasant to live.
And you guessed it, for that, you have to roll up your sleeves, that is to say make a voluntary, inclusive and joint effort. Read our “Manifesto” and consult our calendar to reserve in your agendas the dates of the next events that we offer from March to December 2020.
And to start, join us for the big spring cleaning, Sunday March 29 from 10 am to 02 pm in Plaine de Plainpalais. We will be there and expect many and many, with your family, your neighbors or your colleagues, alone or in groups.
Do not give in to immobility and go out on the streets because their cleanliness is also our business.
F. Porta

Representative of Ma Ville Jardin

Dear friends,
Whether we like it or not, we all share the public space. This implies responsibilities on both sides, to ensure that we can benefit from a city that is clean and pleasant to frequent. In opposition to the growing incivilities, it is urgent to develop a feeling of community and belonging to a common environment, with the aim that it is as pleasant as possible, as we want that one’s own home can be as comfortable as possible !
As a runner but above all a citizen, I was immediately seduced by the association Ma Ville Jardin because it is active at the local level and acts in a concrete way through targeted actions to improve the quality of community life. This is exactly what our society needs, concrete actions and not words! To carry out this mission, plogging (collecting waste in a group while practicing jogging) offers an original, fun, social and … sporty solution! I therefore invite you to join the movement and participate in the association’s eco-sports events, in order to do good while making you feel good. We look forward to seeing you there!
Nicolas Bigler


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Great Idea! Would love to see our city clean again. We agree, we all need to pay attention and be conscient of the fact that our personal behavior impacts our eco-environment.

Nina Hodel & Luis MarquesConcerned Citizens

Being new to this city I was happy to find some practical information in English like recycling guideness, event schedulse, etc. Thank you, find it very helpful.

Mike RaynoldsFreelance, Editor

I was very impressed to learn that the MVJ is working on a sustainable solution for cigarette butts collection & recycling issues.
With our project "Ne Mégotte Pas!" we are bringing attention of students to the negative impact of cigarette butts (CBs), which are polluting environment and impacting biodiversity with their toxic substances. Looking forward to learn more about CBs recycling success stories.

Mathieu CosandierHead of Ne Mégotte Pas project

Good to know that plogging is coming to town! Back in Norway I was part of a plogging team and i would like to join one here, to be able to combine sport and environment activities on a regular basis.

Andreas Friis-LundConcerned Citizen

Fun idea to combine jogging and collecting mismanaged waste! Would love to participate!

Susana PhilipPersonal Trainer

I was growing up in a farm and i do very much miss working with the plants. I find the project to turn our city into a city-garden very interesting and would like to participate in it personally.

Melanie KurtCEO Green Solutions

Keeping our wonderful city clean is the mission of every citizen! I am with you, guys, let's make it work together!

Raul KublerFinancial Analyst


Each one of us can make small changes in our lives, but together we can change the world.

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